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Summer Camps in England

londres Choosing a summer camp in England you will discover why this is a diverse country of history and culture. Everyone knows something about England: its famous footballers, princes, and its pop stars or tourist sights such as Big Ben and the British Museum.  Just think of the well known images of black taxis and red double deckers, the works of Shakespeare and the prehistoric stone circles such as Stonehenge, and this is only the start.

It is a land of contrasts - from exciting, cosmopolitan cities like London and Manchester to picturesque villages in the Cotswolds and Cornwall. There are also great areas of natural beauty such as the Lake District, and cities of learning and culture, like Eastbourne and Portsmouth. For food and drink, enjoy a delicious afternoon tea of strawberries and cream or a pint of beer in the local pub, or why not try traditional fish and chips or a chicken tikka masala?

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